Submit photos for the Nashua Elementary 2020 Yearbook!
  Submit Photos For Nashua Elementary 2020 Yearbook

Submit Yearbook Photos

We want all of your great Nashua pictures from this school year for the 2019-20 yearbook. To upload your photos, see the instructions below. Please submit by the end of the day TBD. Thanks in advance for your submissions!
To use the app:
  • Entourage Link app
  • Register 
  • Be sure to select Nashua Elementary 2020 Yearbook
  • If you used Link last year, open the app, go to Account Info on the bottom of your screen. Scroll down and make sure that you select Nashua Elementary 2020 Yearbook.
  • Click the Upload Photos button. The images on your device will come up. 
  • Select as many images as you want to upload for a SINGLE CATEGORY. (ex. Mrs. Vroom's Music Program would be uploaded separately from Mrs. Vroom's Fall Party.)
  • Click the Upload Selected button. 
  • Scroll, then select the appropriate category. Photo will upload automatically once category is selected.
To upload on the website:
  • Click "Find your school" in the upper left hand corner
  • Enter "Nashua"
  • A list will load. Select "Nashua Elementary 2020 Yearbook"
  • Click "Upload Photos" 
  • From there you can either login with your info from last year or register a new account 
  • Be mindful of categories as you upload. If you took pictures at your child's music program, find your child's teacher's name. Under that category you should find a subcategory called "Music program."
Questions? Contact Emily at Thank you for your photos!