Family Fun Night 

More information about Family Fun Night 2023 will be posted at a later date!


Nashua's classrooms will host free games!  Plus we will have Food, Music, Raffle and more!
Game Makers - let us know what game/activity your class will be hosting - Sign up here! 
Game Makers - let us know if you need a table for your game/activity - Sign up here! 
Family Fun Night Game Maker - job description:
  • Safety: if you are not sure if an activity will comply with the school's safety policies, let's run it past Principal Chamberlin first. (For instance, NKCSD prohibits the use of inflatables, i.e., bounce houses).
  • Rain or Shine: if there is inclement weather, activities will be moved inside to the gym, cafeteria and hallways (we'll need to limit the mess).
  • Prizes: you can have prizes at your activity. Ask your teacher to add a request for other parents to send in candy, stickers, small prizes, other items your games requires, etc., to their weekly newsletter / email / Seesaw
  • Skill Level: consider matching the skill level of your class - that way we'll end up with a variety of activities for kids of varying ages.
  • Avoiding Duplication: when you know your game name, add it as a comment to your online sign up
  • Coordinate with your teacher: either send a picture/information for them to show to the kids or arrange 5 minutes to come in and talk with the kids - the purpose is to get the kids excited about their activity
  • On Family Fun Night: Game Coordinators will make, set up and tear down the activity, but will not need to stay with the activity during the event - make sure to write and leave a set of instructions at your game so the teens who volunteer to run it know what they are supposed to do
  • Prizes for You: Kids will vote for their favorite class activity that night - if your class wins, you'll win a prize, too!


  • School District Tables - requested tables from Louise
  • Parking - confirm overflow parking at Nashua Baptist
  • Supplies: Duct tape