2022-2023 Turn Them in Tuesday Label Days

Tuesday, Feb. 14: Bring in a zipper bag of labels or empty ink cartridges for Nashua and everyone can dress like they are on vacation!

*A note about Labels: When turning in Coke Rewards please only send coke caps and Coke Rewards from the boxes or the plastic Coke labels. Please don't send in any other bottle caps which includes but not limited to: Pepsi, water bottles, Gatorades, Powerade, milk jugs, or any other bottle caps. Also when turning in Box Tops, please make sure they are only the pink box tops and are not already expired. Do not send the blue ones, those need to be scanned using the app! For questions, contact Labels Chair Amanda Timmermeyer at phillipamanda2007@yahoo.com 


Upcoming Labels Days!

September 13th  -Pirate Day- dress like a pirate (no weapons allowed)                   
October 18th - Ocean Day- Dress Like a Mermaid, Sailor, Scuba
November 8th- Stuffed Animal Day (must fit in backpack)

December 13th Wear Your Clothes Inside Out 
January 10th- Wear Your Pajamas
February 14th- Vacation Day: Dress Like a Tourist
March 14th- Workout Day- wear your favorite workout gear
April 11th- Wild West Day- Wear your western gear- NO WEAPONS!
May 9th- Dress Like a Teacher Day- dress like your favorite teacher